Featured Project: Tribeca Loft by Jane Kim Design via ChicTip.com

Featured Project: Tribeca Loft by Jane Kim Design via ChicTip.com

Jane Kim Design has paid great attention to detail as they designed the 1400 square foot Tribeca loft. The modern architects at the firm have expertly used sectional opportunities in order to maximize storage and private functions while creating expansive living spaces within this dream home.

This now modern home was previously a 20th century industrial warehouse but traces of its origin were not that apparent anymore. Jane Kim Design was tasked to bring back the industrial sense of the building without compromising on functionality and design. This modern architecture has three full bedrooms and graced with two and a half baths.

The house floor plans were implemented so that light was borrowed from other rooms and to allow transformation from public to private. The architecture was brought back to its original state complimented by the interior design that brought back the industrial feel which becomes the focal point of the design.

In the great kitchen, reclaimed barn wood, stainless steel and concrete were utilized in order to continue with the industrial aesthetic feel. Unique glass canopy was utilized in order to bring the exteriors to the interiors as the neighborhood has the same canopy hanging overhead. This defined the kitchen design on the open floor plan. On the spotlight is the repurposed industrial mill table base.

The bedroom also demonstrated outdoor street architecture where the hanging globe pendants resemble the vintage street lamp design. The fluidity of the bedroom space with the main living space is smooth and free-flowing yet it remained as a private retreat within the home.

The long master bathroom design was done beyond the glass and steel doors. This positioning has created an exaggerated sense of depth on the space. This is reinforced with the use of lighting fixtures so that the depth can be further emphasized.

One of the walls in the master bathroom has the unique brick arch that was part of the original condition and one of the unexpected discoveries made during the design and construction process. The rest of the master bathroom is clad with reclaimed marble slabs. There is also a second bathroom where southern light streams through the window.

Majority of the exterior theme can be seen in the powder room which is the reclaimed architectural copper piece. It was salvage from the building in New York.

The inspirational layout of the building is definitely a great project to remember and made it hard to miss.

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