Featured Architect: Thomas Phifer and Partners

Featured Architect: Thomas Phifer and Partners

“All architecture is grounded in the technology of its time…technology defines the possible.” (from Thomas Phifer and Partners website)

They further state that due to technology, barriers have been created between building interiors and the natural world, which is then compensated by introducing artificial environments that come at a high cost – financial, ecological, physical, and spiritual.

Thomas Phifer and Partners propose a different way, a way that creates architecture which connects the user with nature.

“As architects, we design the building by designing the process.  Our clients join with design, construction, manufacturing and scientific specialists in the definition and discovery of appropriate architectural solutions.  Our goal is to make architecture in which one can experience surprise, intellectual stimulation, a profound sense of physical well-being and an affirmation of the spiritual unity between man and nature.”

To be sure, even an apartment renovation can embody this spirit.  The reflection and amplification of natural light, using the mirror-framed window become powerful yet subtle expressions of interior architecture