Featured Renovation: The New Rooftop Lounge at the Mondrian SoHo

Featured Renovation: The New Rooftop Lounge at the Mondrian SoHo

My love for rooftops continue.  Maybe I’m feeling the need to take advantage of the outdoors while the weather is still warm (I expect this winter will not be as mild as the last).  Thanks to UrbanDaddy, another great rooftop renovation got on my radar. This one with public access (though reservations are required)! Opening THIS Thursday, Soaked at Mondrian SoHo is a rooftop lounge (albeit without a pool) with some amazing views.  It looks like it could get crowded FAST, though it’s only open on T, W, and Th (?).  Seems like a nice place for a private event. Check it out!  See Urban Daddy’s post after taking in these great images…

The Rooftop Lounge Soaked at the Mondrian Soho

The view from Soaked at the Mondrian SoHo

The Rooftop Lounge Soaked at the Mondrian Soho

The Rooftop Lounge Soaked at the Mondrian SohoThe Rooftop Lounge Soaked at the Mondrian Soho

From UrbanDaddy.com, July 9, 2012

Burden of Roof
The Mondrian’s New Rooftop Lounge

You keep a few rules of thumb…

Never rat on your friends. Always keep your mouth shut.

And always, always meet your daily recommended fruit requirements…

Hence, Soaked at Mondrian SoHo, a rooftop utopia of fruit-infused booze, booze-infused fruit and possibly the best view in the city, opening Thursday.

Regarding the name: this roof is utterly pool-less (sorry for the bubble-burst). The good news: you’re not going to care when you’re at a breezy altitude surrounded by various fruits and 360-degree views of the fair isle of Manhattan. And Brooklyn. And Jersey. And maybe space, on a clear night.

The idea here is to bring fresh fruits and Liquiteria juices together with spirited liquids—in every possible way. So watermelon cocktails, peaches soaked in Bulleit Bourbon, strawberry-rhubarb-vodka popsicles and raspberry-vodka soft-serve all make appearances.

Two notes: you need to make a reservation online first. And it’s only open Tuesday through Thursday (the middle days need love, too).

When you arrive: hey, nice springy astroturf. You’ll mingle your way between the reed-lined outdoor deck with the circular couch and the downtown-facing main bar (this must be what Batman feels like when he orders a cocktail) and a strongly air-conditioned, whited-out indoor space for a break from all that pesky beauty. Plus: a smaller, telescope-equipped patio beyond that.

It’s for looking down at other rooftop bars.

Soaked at Mondrian SoHo
9 Crosby St
(between Grand and Howard)
New York, NY 10013
official website

Read more:http://www.urbandaddy.com/nyc/nightlife/18514/Soaked_at_Mondrian_SoHo_The_Mondrian_s_New_Rooftop_Lounge_New_York_City_NYC_Soho_Bar#ixzz20BPeU6ot