Featured Event: Rod Craig, artist now showing in TriBeCa

Featured Event: Rod Craig, artist now showing in TriBeCa

Who doesn’t love great artwork in their home? It can make or break an otherwise beautiful interior renovation.  Architects and interior designers have really made their name and fortune by curating some great pieces into their interior renovation and remodeling work.

I especially appreciate creations that are accessible to regular folks like me.  I’ve spent money well beyond my means for pieces I’ve fallen in love with, such as landscapes by Larry Horowitz

A landscape masterwork by Larry Horowitz (image courtesy of www.larryhorowitzart.com)

and urban studies by Jo-Mikals Adachi.

“Societal Effect” by Jo Mikals-Adachi (image courtesy of www.mikals-adachi.com)

This past week, an artist named Rod Craig appeared on my radar.  A Brit with a particular affinity for New York City is currently featuring his new work in a show at One Art Space appropriately titled “An Englishman in New York”.

His work, mostly watercolor and ink, is absolutely stunning and worth a look in person.  About him? Don’t know much yet, but his site states, “After training at West of England College of Art, Rod Craig has lived and worked as an artist and designer in Oxfordshire. He experiments with mixed media to create originals and prints for both private and corporate clients.”

His work is definitely worth checking out and, if you can afford it, worth owning. Here are a few of my favorites:

Who knows, I may be breaking the bank again to get one of my own.