My NYC Rooftop Fetish Continues: The Rooftop at the Jane

My NYC Rooftop Fetish Continues: The Rooftop at the Jane


Another great rooftop space open to the public has been renovated in NYC. There’s something about the feeling of exclusivity while in the middle of this great City that I love.  Go. Be Social. Have a drink. In a great neighborhood, with a great view. Go to the Jane Hotel.

This past week, Urban Daddy featured the newly opened Rooftop at the Jane that has been under renovation since 2008.  I will assume this was a start/stop/start type of project that I’m so familiar with.

The following is an excellent write up by Urban Daddy:

“Stop the presses.
Okay, you don’t have presses. And that’s all handled digitally these days anyway.

But still, the Jane hotel just opened up its roof.

And get this—they’re serving alcohol on it.

Inside the Rotunda at the Jane Hotel. Grab a drink and step outside and onto the roof.

It’s wisely called The Rooftop at the Jane, and it’s a habitable surface atop the building housing the hotel called Jane. You can drink there. Also: it’s now open.

This thing’s been in the works since 2008. Since then, you’ve spent an enchanted evening or nine at the velvet-ensconced ballroom here. You danced a dance. Drank a drink. Developed an appreciation for well-placed taxidermy. But now—finally—you’re going to reach higher. Literally. Because they’ve spread their philosophy of vintage opulence to the sixth floor with this baby-blue-domed, chandeliered beauty of a watering hole.

Grab the elevator to the left of the front desk. Hit “6.” You’ll emerge in a rotunda. Then you’ll think to yourself, “I love that word—rotunda.” Then you’ll catch the bartender’s eye, open your arms for a hug and say, “Johnny, it’s been forever.” Then he’ll say, “My name’s Brent.” You’ll respond, “I’ll have a Negroni.” Then you’ll head out the door, to where there’s 100% less roof.

Grab a love seat. That’s what they’re there for. Look west. That’s the Hudson River. Look a little farther west. That’s New Jersey.

My God—it’s even more beautiful in person.

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