Loft Residence by Apartment Creative Agency

Loft Residence by Apartment Creative Agency

A stunning modern SoHo loft conversion here by multi-disciplinary group Apartment Creative Agency as recently featured by the curated design blog ChicTip.  I’ve picked my favorite images of the colorful yet modestly furnished residence that make this one place I could easily find myself living in.  Apartment Creative Agency is an interesting mix of disciplines that offers “fully integrated branding, marketing, architecture and interior design services” and run by creative director Stefan Boublil and partner Gina Alvarez, who is the founder and business director.

As they continue to describe themselves (without capitlizing their sentences), “we are a creative agency serving the needs of a cultural community with interests ranging from architecture, branding and marketing, often all at once. the apartment’s goal is to tell a good story, with a beginning, middle and end, even if not necessarily in that order; to invent, always and aim to distinguish itself from the abundance of disposable items on display in our daily lives.
we endeavor to curate, not with objects but rather the emotions they carry that together make a whole. we are not interested in design as a collection of pieces, a reaction to the nonsensical argument we all heard in college that “he with the most toys wins.” we are interested in the stories those objects can tell together, how they can enrich the human experience. we diligently apply The Considered Life framework to all of our creative endeavors, may they be in the realm of branding, marketing or architecture. If you are trying to tell your story through the objects and experiences that surround you, then we are your people. and this is your home.”

Here’s Jackie Azuela’s write up on ChicTip:

“I am pleased to introduce the Converted Loft in SoHo, with design completed by The Apartment Creative Agency. I must say that the dream home is beyond spectacular. The modern home rests on the sixth floor within an 1882 red brick building. This building has an intriguing past, with a history of being a department store. The building was then converted into loft by The Apartment Creative Agency. It is located in SoHo, New York.

The converted loft is provided with a spacious layout considering it has a 13-foot ceiling. It also has the original Corinthian-style columns and large thermo pane windows.

The loft is specifically located in a much envied Crosby Street, the cobblestone road centrally located but it is privately hidden between the SoHo and Nolita. Did you know that the apartment was featured in the film “Devil Wears Prada”? Yes, it is and this is not what makes it amazing. It has star quality – I’m sure of that – but apart from that I’m sure you would agree that the interior design is impressively stunning. In the film, the apartment was highlighted as the cinematic depiction of a modern designer home.

In the interiors, the home features authentic and elegant custom finishes. One look at the sculptural stacked-wood fireplace would definitely make you think you’re within a work of art. It also features the multi-zoned environment, the Marc Sadler Boffi great kitchen, food for the mind library with floating book shelves and most especially good lighting and expansive views. All of these made up a great and inspirational home.

I think I missed to say that it also had the dramatic entrance hall with details that features the six huge arches that was created out of the exposed brick wall. This leads to a rather impressive main room and all of these things made me fall in love – really impressive design.”



Images courtesy of The Apartment Creative Agency.