Celebrity Interiors: Donna Karan's New York Home

Celebrity Interiors: Donna Karan’s New York Home

First featured in Elle Decor Spain and recently on Trendland, Donna Karan’s serene far east styled apartment in New York City gets photographed beautifully by Richard Powers as little vignettes.  I have to agree with the Trendland write up in wishing there were SOME images of the interior architecture, but appreciate the photographer’s artistry.  Also, I’ll be fully Buddhist too when I’m really wealthy.

There’s a little bit too much white for my taste, but I love the artwork, combination of colors and furniture in this home design styled by Amanda Talbot.

From the Trendland write up:

“Set in an Art Deco building in the heart of Upper West Side with a priceless view of Central Park, this home is a true reflection of the style and lifestyle of Donna Karan.Great pictures by Richard Powers, are a great display of her interiors and the art that graces her walls, but I would have love to see more wide angle images of the place such as the Kitchen or the living room… top Left On the wall, a splendid work of Francis Bacon”

For my latin friends from Elle Decor Spain:

El espléndido apartamento de la diseñadora Donna Karan en Nueva York es todo un remanso de paz. (Translation: The splendid apartment from designer Donna Karan in New York is a complete haven of peace)

via Donna Karans New York Home | Trendland: Fashion Blog & Trend Magazine and Elle Decor Espana