Get Outside with Blondie's Treehouse

Get Outside with Blondie’s Treehouse

Spring fever. I’m getting it.  The weather finally seems to be getting to my idea of springtime. On days like today, I want to be outside as much as possible.  In NYC, this means parks and rooftops, which was a fascination of mine last year, like here and here. Today, I’m featuring the talents of the awesomely named tri-state area(NY/NJ/CT) landscaping company, Blondie’s Treehouse Inc.  The company, founded in 1979 as a one-man operation, has “grown to be the sixth-largest interior horticultural firm in the United States”. Sounds impressive.  Recently, I spoke with Josh Fleischmann from Blondie’s, who was excited to share images of recent NYC rooftop and rear yard landscaping project.  I had to share my favorites here.  Their contact info is after the jump.

What’s your favorite outdoor space in NYC? Please share.

BTH for RJ 4.10 (36)

BTH for RJ 4.10 (3)

BTH for RJ 4.10 (35)BTH for RJ 4.10 (20)

BTH for RJ 4.10 (16)BTH for RJ 4.10 (32)BTH for RJ 4.10 (10)

For more information or to request an estimate for a landscaping project you have in mind, give Josh a call and let him know you found them at RenovatingNYC!

Here are his details:

Josh Fleischmann

Blondie’s Treehouse

242 West 30th Street

New York NY 10001

(646) 649-9298