Modern Metaphors: Apartment and Loft Renovations by Pulltab Design

Modern Metaphors: Apartment and Loft Renovations by Pulltab Design

Jon Handley and Melissa Baker’s firm Pulltab Design are now on my shortlist for apartment renovations in New York City.  I came across their work just after finishing my last post on loft renovations and should have included their mini loft and 7th Avenue Residence projects.  If you have more conservative or traditional tastes, this may not be for you, but I just love the clean modern lines of the spaces and the general sense that every detail has been considered. Let me know in the comments what you think and what type of design you prefer.

East Village Penthouse

EastVillagePenthouse2-PulltabDesign EastVillagePenthouse-PulltabDesign

7th Avenue Residence (The Flowerbox Building)


“Pulltab Design’s scheme for a loft-like apartment in the Flowerbox Building in the East Village integrates a vertical garden, a reflecting pool, high-polished concrete floors; materials like American black walnut, bronze, and steel; and surfaces finished in true pigment paints and high-gloss lacquer. Classic modernist pieces by Matthew Hilton, Hans Wegner, and Serge Mouille complement the coolly elegant interiors.”

7thAvenueResidence1-PulltabDesign 7thAvenueResidence2-PulltabDesign 7thAvenueResidence3-PulltabDesign 7thAvenueResidence4-PulltabDesign 7thAvenueResidence5-PulltabDesign

WhiteStreetResidence1 WhiteStreetResidence2

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