What does "High End" mean? Also, more about Grade NYC

What does “High End” mean? Also, more about Grade NYC

What makes any renovation or remodeling project “high end”? Ask 10 different contractors, designers, and architects and you’ll get many different answers.  Obviously, you pay more. What do you get? Better service DURING the process as well as better results in the end. Why? Because both the experienced designer as well as the experienced builder thinks about how everything comes together before it gets put together.  Very little is left to chance. There’s a lot of planning involved and much thought goes into resolving the demands of the designer with the possibilities (and many would say limits) of construction.

Over a year ago, I wrote about Grade NYC and their Tribeca Loft project.  They recently came up on my radar again and I took another look at their residential projects.  The images are beautiful and some of the details I saw there made me think about high-end construction and what makes this distinction.


World class decoration + beautiful details. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Example: That marble island to the left and the matching marble wall just beyond. I can appreciate the hard work of getting that to look right.


Fun with color and built in millwork


More fun millwork to create great spaces within rooms.


A galley kitchen done right. Food for thought on a future post.


Great furnishings. Great light. I just love open plans and high ceilings like this.


There was a time that kitchens were service areas that were sectioned off from the rest of the living areas. Remember when?


Cozy. Great artwork. Subtle choices of wall hanging and fixtures that can make a small space a great place to live in.


Another large open space reserved for those with some dollars.


A kitchen that anyone would want to spend time in. Don’t you think?


Exposed brick. Exposed joists. Great space.


Are you getting bored yet with how good this all is?


Yes, please.

About Grade NYC

Founded in 2001 by Thomas Hickey with Edward Yedid, the full service, New York-based architecture and interior design firm defines itself through a high standard of quality and the delivery of a final product characterized by clarity and luxurious style.

Partners Hickey and Yedid bring extensive experience and a fresh eye to every project, marrying a traditional approach with a modern sensibility. Their practice is informed not just by complementary skills but a deep appreciation and knowledge of art, history, and world culture. Specializing in residential, retail, hospitality, and commercial work, GRADE’s diverse portfolio includes an array of project types, from a historic Manhattan building transformed into a family-friendly loft, to a ground-up weekend home steeped in comfort and simplicity, to boutiques for Tiffany & Co. that sparkle with sumptuous surfaces and textures.

An agile studio of twelve designers, GRADE often develops the individual client vision beyond expectations, refining and materializing ideas with sharp, tasteful interpretations of context, light, and materials. This high bar for achievement is made possible by drawing upon a strong network of suppliers to render custom furnishings or achieve the perfect finish—ultimately pushing a design concept to precise, exquisite execution.

The firm approaches each project as a journey to be embarked upon with clients, driven by a commitment to delivering projects on time and on budget, prioritizing transparency and operating with clear communication throughout the process of program development, cost analysis, design and documentation, and contract administration.

Working shoulder-to-shoulder with clients to create the most authentic expression of an idea through design, GRADE has over the years built a reputation based on mutual understanding and trust.

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