The Urban Outdoor Shower

The Urban Outdoor Shower

Timing isn’t my strong suit. It’s the end of summer in NYC and I’m talking about outdoor showers.  However, if you’ve received my free guide on planning a renovation or remodeling project in NYC, you’d know it’s NEVER too late to start planning.

Do you have your own urban outdoor space? A rear yard or roof top? I may be in the minority, but I know I’d love to have an outdoor shower. I think I’d use it. A lot.

I happen to be working with a client who wants one and discovered Oborain’s Urban Outdoor Shower systems on their own.

Oborain Solo Urban Outdoor Shower

Oborain has figured out how to break down their outdoor showers into a kit that makes it easy to negotiate the restrictions of an urban renovation or remodeling project.

Oborain Urban Outdoor Shower Installation

So far they have three models available. The Fjord, pictured above, the PS122, and the Cove. I think you agree they look great. If that client decides to go with it, I hope I get to do a ‘field test’.

Oborain PS122 Urban Outdoor Shower (I think this one is my favorite)

Oborain's The Cove - Urban Outdoor Shower

Oborain’s The Cove – Urban Outdoor Shower

From Oborain’s website:

Why choose an Oborain shower for your rooftop garden, terrace or backyard?

  • Simple installation. Panelized design makes it easy to move through tight corridors and freight elevators.
  • Adaptability. Our designs can accommodate a variety of materials to match the surroundings.
  • Flexibility. We can add elements to the basic frame, such as a canopy for added privacy, anchoring brackets for added stability in wind, and a drainage pan to channel runnoff. The location of the fixture in the shower can also be moved.
  • Modern designs that compliment almost any environment.
  • Equally simple to disassemble –  take it with you when you move.

Get their catalog here:


or contact them here:

PO Box 914
Greenfield MA 01302