City Modern Spotlight: 14th Street Loft by Resolution: 4 Architecture

City Modern Spotlight: 14th Street Loft by Resolution: 4 Architecture

Right out of the gate, the first of my City Modern spotlight projects may be one of my favorites. This is one of the projects that will be part of City Modern’s House Tour.

14th Street Loft

Architect: Resolution: 4 Architecture 




Biography: In 1990 partners Robert Luntz and Joe Tanney founded Resolution: 4 Architecture in an effort to tackle the shifting landscape of design. As a team, they seek to eliminate the gap between user and space as well as plan for the user’s future needs. Organization is vital to the Resolution 4’s formula and the team frequently designs furniture that is a part of the home. Resolution: 4 Architecture is widely published and celebrated; most notably the firm received the AIA Housing Award for Concepts in Innovation in 2006.


Project Description:

Having worked with the client since 1999, Tanney was enlisted once again in the construction of this family of five’s new home. After purchasing their neighboring apartment, the client sought a space with abundant natural light, storage space and more communal space.


Tanney converted the newly bought studio into the kitchen – which extends the floor into a lounge, and the old home into three bedrooms. One of the most exciting elements of the project is the upstairs solarium that not only fills the apartment with natural light, but also serves as a family room. The floor in the solarium is partially skylights to the below bedroom, which cutely doubles as a stage for the kids’ to perform plays.


At 2000 square feet, this loft is the perfect design for the young family that will undoubtedly need to expand. The cleanliness and organization of the home stems from the custom built storage along the perimeters of most rooms – maximizing space and utilizing every inch are crucial to Tanney’s designs.