Leroy Street Studio - Urban Modern Architects, Builders + Interiors

Leroy Street Studio – Urban Modern Architects, Builders + Interiors

The architecture firm Leroy Street Studio was featured here on RenovatingNYC nearly two years ago. It was time to check in and see what they’ve been up to lately. The architecture design studio, in addition to their construction division BLDG and LSS Interiors, has everything a homeowner needs from conception to completion. They also founded Hester Street Collaborative, a nonprofit design build workshop to improve the physical environment in underserved NYC neighborhoods.

Their freestanding house work is stunning, but I’m most interested in their urban home renovations, which are equally well done. Although some of the spaces look more like corporate interiors, I realize that by necessity the work had to be shown fully lit.  You’ll have to imagine these homes with the dimmers set to about 50-60%. See for yourself…

Fifth Avenue Apartment

NYC, New York

A prewar Fifth Avenue apartment in estate condition was gutted and renovated into an open modern home for a family with four children. The primary Central Park exposure was maximized by opening the plan to the west with sliding partitions to define rooms and to create privacy. The warren of cellular staff quarters was opened to create a central family room with boarded walls and an animated ceiling-scape and playful lighting. A language of subtle oak detailing unifies the spaces and gives the apartment a warm glow.

high end residential interior bathroom bedroom fireplace

high end residential interior millwork paneling cove lighting hallway

high end NYC residential interior dining kitchen integrated island


Prewar Park Avenue Loft

NYC, New York

The design for this prewar Park Avenue apartment is based on two goals: to insert a modern space for displaying the clients’ art collection, and to create clear expanses of open spaces for their young family. The partitions in the apartment’s public zones were demolished to create a large, open living space. Taking advantage of the existing exposed beam layout as a framework, plaster art walls were suspended from the roof structure and hover just above the floor. Large millwork pieces animate each room creating a playful and practical counterpoint to the discrete cellular spaces of the original plan.  The design is further marked by a juxtaposition of rough and delicate materials.

high end residential interior loft color bunk bed blue red park avenue loft apartment high end residential living room stone fireplace b1100614033904 park avenue loft high end residential interior renovation dining room park avenue loft high end residential interior marble bathroom gray NYC park avenue loft kitchen interior stainless steel high end residential NYC

Design-Build Pied-à-Terre 

NYC, New York

This renovation opened the interior to bring daylight into the upper west side apartment and to maximize access to the views of the park below. Oak and blackened steel anchor a warm and modern material palette to create a casual yet distinctive pied-à-terre.

Interiors by LSS Interiors and built by BLDG.

high end NYC residential interior dining living room lighting view artwork

NYC high end residential interior park avenue loft design interior millwork high end residential interior design furniture apartment renovation

The Leroy Street Studio Approach (from their website)


Inspired by the building
process, our work is
derived from investigating
the qualities of structure,
material and detail. 


Each project’s unique parameters
present opportunities to explore
alternative approaches to design,
construction and project delivery.
Environmental, economic and
practical challenges demand
a deep understanding and
constant rethinking of conventional
solutions and methodologies.


Our studio is committed
to working collaboratively
with communities to improve
their built environments.
We have developed a unique
process to solicit community
input in public projects,
empowering individuals to
participate in the transformation
of their neighborhoods.

About Leroy Street Studio

Leroy Street Studio is an award winning architectural practice inspired by innovation in design, the craft of construction, and a collaborative approach that places our clients’ needs at the center of the design process. LSS helps to forge a project brief by pursuing intensive research into local building techniques, systems and materials, as well as rigorously examining the physical, social, and environmental context. We derive architecture through a synthesis of diverse forces that allow us to create a unique design for each client, informed by their requirements and desires.

LSS has led large design teams through the completion of projects throughout the US and abroad. We specialize in complex projects with aggressive schedules, and in innovative, low-cost solutions to everyday problems.

In 2002, in an effort to adapt our process to address the needs of those who do not have access to design services, LSS founded Hester Street Collaborative, a non-profit design/build workshop that helps students and local residents improve their public spaces. In 2008, informed by their backgrounds in contracting, they founded BLDG, a construction management company dedicated to bringing LSS clients a better, more cost-effective product through an integrated design and construction process. In 2010, LSS added an in-house interior design department.

Leroy Street Studio was founded by Morgan Hare and Marc Turkel in 1995. Shawn Watts joined the practice in 1997 and became a partner in 2005.

How to contact Leroy Street Studio:

Leroy Street Studio

Hester Street Collaborative

BLDG inc.

LSS interiors

113 Hester St.
Between Eldridge St. and Forsyth St.
New York, NY 10002

Phone: 212 431 6780
Fax: 212 431 6781

General Inquiries: info@leroystreetstudio.com

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