Top Posts of 2013: Land, Sea, NYC: Nina Seirafi Interior Design

Top Posts of 2013: Land, Sea, NYC: Nina Seirafi Interior Design

The following post first appeared on May 24, 2013

I first came across the interior design genius of Nina Seirafi when checking out the work of Gluckman Mayner Architects (note to self, future post about the awesome work of GMA).  Calm, crisp, and modern comes to mind when looking at her spaces.


Nina, who has made the cut in Architectural Digest’s list of the top 100 interior designers in the world, is an established talent who must have a backlog of projects (Nina, I’m ready to do your next project when you are!)  She has designed yacht interiors (see below) as well as high-end apartment interiors in NYC and around the world for established architects as well as her own clients. She is also an art advisor and furniture designer.

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interior views of the yacht Cyaninterior views of the yacht Cyan

I came across the following interview of Nina Seirafi by Jenna Lauren in The Beautiful Shelter and wanted to share portions of it here:

Becoming a Designer
Can you tell us about your first job in the design field?
My first real job was an immersion in a big architecture and design firm where I was responsible for the material library and did not even have a chair. I folded as much fabric samples as I could and learned the names of most material companies and left saturated after only three months of it!

What is your most memorable travel destination?

My trip to a shipyard in Cartagena, Spain! I had always been fascinated with submarines and I got to see a submarine cut in half. It was amazing to see the whole structure exposed, a truly a memorable and inspiring trip.
In House
What are your “best practices” for accessorizing a room?
Accessorizing a room is actually the last step of the design process integral to procuring a perfect and complete room. I always like to use the accessorizing as a tool to emphasize a mood that I have been trying to convey in a room. This mood dictates the accessory list. Beyond the pragmatics of functional, I like to invent creative purpose for items that are not typically found in modern interiors, such as table lighters for instance. One does not need to be smoker to accessorize a coffee table. They are a delightful, curious piece and can be used to ignite both candles and conversation.
From Nina’s website

Nina Seirafi’s design approach engages a luxuriant elegance, sophisticated materiality and a refined sensitivity to architectural detail. Each project is tailored distinctly such that client particulars inspire a unique, resonant concept. A keen awareness of form and structure underlines a parallel finesse emphasizing eloquent materials, textures, light and ambiance. A cultured purity generates a honed design to complement a luxury lifestyle with timeless originality.

With an inspired international background, Nina Seirafi has designed a successful array of gallery, museum, residential, and commercial spaces. Based in New York and a graduate of Parsons School of Design, she provides comprehensive design services including interior architecture, interior design, yacht design, furniture design, styling and art advisory.

A distinguished international clientele and multi-disciplinary focus has generated significant recognition. Notable projects include the Wesner Residence, the Goldman Schupfer Residence, the Stevens Residence and most recently the Cyan Yacht, nominated for Boat International’s “2009 World Superyacht Awards.” Her work has been featured in television design shows and numerous prominent publications including Architectural Digest, Architectural Record, Elle Décor, Interior Design and Time Out New York.  Nina Seirafi has also received the prestigious ranking on Architectural Digest’s “AD 100” list of the world’s top interior designers.

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