Handmade Italian Furniture

Handmade Italian Furniture by Daniele Micheli and Unico S.r.l.

Today’ we feature the work of Italian furniture maker Unico S.r.l. and one of it’s founders, Daniele Micheli. Although the company is only a year old, it is already making a name for itself with beautiful and compelling handmade Italian furniture.  Although many miles apart, we decided to have a virtual interview with Mr. Micheli and ask about his background, passion, and vision for his company.

Handmade, Unico, Italian

Handmade Italian Quadrat1

We are pleased, Mr. Micheli, that you would take time today to speak with us. Can you give us some background details about yourself?

“After more than twenty years of activity in architecture and civil engineering, I have begun a new challenge in the field of exclusive furniture and design, both in Italy and abroad. Our new company founded with two other partners (Unico S.r.l. based in Milan) has recently opened its first foreign commercial office in Shanghai.”

Italian Handmade

Unico, private house inItaly

Bathroom Design in Italy

What moment guided you to have the business you have?

“After a long experience in the field of architecture and engineering, I knew the home was intended as the space that gives quality to our lives, but it must be linked to good design.  I wanted to start a new deal, more focused on details that makes every project special and unique, exploiting the inborn passion of Italian people for everything that is elegant, classy and beautiful.”

Italian Handmade furniture

Handmade Sospeso

Design by Daniele Michele

Private Spa

Do you have a mentor, muse, influence, or inspiration for the work you do or products you create?

“My main source of inspiration is our century-old tradition in art, craft and in everything that improves life’s quality, simply following my Italian roots.”

Handmade Italian Furniture

Cantarano Lobardo

What specific part of your business are you most passionate about?

“The thing that I love above all in my business is the continuous try to give a soul to our products. And, by means of our passion, our love for beautiful things, the experience and the ability of our craftsmen, our attention in selecting the best materials and thinking about high-quality solutions for every aspect of our designs. I believe we do that.”

Mr. Micheli, we love the following quote from your website:

“The scent of wood is in the air.

It is silent in the workshop, the artisan is focused. He is listening to himself trying to catch the essence of the material in his hands. The leather is soft and strong, the grain is precious.The tool is gliding quickly and then it slows down, looking for precision.

The object is taking its shape, its function is becoming definite and its spirit is emerging. The artisan’s hands have repeated these movements many times, but each time there is a tension, a vibration: as if the man has tried to breathe a part of himself into his creation – And he manages to do it.

A miracle is performed again and again, the thread isn’t torn – The thread that unites the generations, those gone and those coming.  A new precious article is born.

Once again, the result is unique.”

Italian handmade Unico

Piffetti Scacchi

Any other information you would like to share about yourself or your company?

“Unico is a new business that offers sensations and emotions, having deep roots in Italian centuries old artisan tradition. We entrust the realization of the interiors, created and designed by our architects and designers, to our best workshops of Italian furniture craftsmen, as a modern expression of millennial culture. We follow all of the production chain step by step, listen to the needs of our customers, and guide them to find out what they deeply desire. We sit around the table with all of the protagonists of the process and we won’t stand up until everything is clear and perfect. Attention to detail, choice of materials, singularity of the product, all of this, is for us – and for you – the best guarantee of quality.”

Website: www.unicoitaly.com

Telephone: +39.345.337.4687


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