5 Stunning Townhouse Illustrations

5 Stunning Townhouse Illustrations

5 Stunning NYC Townhouse Illustrations 

An excerpt from a post that was found on www.escapekit.ca

NYC Buildings Graphic designer Nathan Manire has created a series beautiful illustrations based on NYC buildings that needed  to be shared here.

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“TO space-starved, yard-craving, neighbor-cranky apartment dwellers, a single-family town house of their own can seem like the cure for what ails them, if only they could afford it. An entry-level fee of $4 million to $5 million in much of Manhattan buys a few thousand square feet, emancipation from co-op boards and foul-weather dog walking, and, for many families with children, a chance to experience a bit of suburbia without actually having to live there.”

NY Times, “Townhouse Living: The Untold Story”