The best bathroom upgrades and appliances

9 Ultra Luxury Bathroom Upgrades You Didn’t Know You Needed

9 Ultra Luxury Bathroom Upgrades You Didn’t Know You Needed (until now)

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(EDITOR’S NOTE: Before planning on incorporating any of these amazing upgrades to your bathroom remodeling project, make sure they are allowed under your building management alteration guidelines as well as NYC plumbing codes and regulations. I would love to hear what your favorite upgrade would be. Mine: #9 The Horizontal Shower. Missing as a MUST-HAVE essential to a high-end renovation: radiant heated bathroom floors. – RJ)

The best bathroom upgrades and appliances

9 Insane Bathroom Upgrades You Need Right Now

It’s your sanctuary. Your safe haven. Your refuge from all of the day’s stresses. Why not treat your porcelain shrine with the respect it deserves?

Below, you’ll find nine of the most exceptional upgrades your bathroom and you so desperately crave. You deserve it.

 moma design chaise longue vitre bathtub

1. Moma Design Chaise Longue Vitrè Bathtub – $12,670
After a long day, who doesn’t want to kick back and relax? A chaise lounge tub in glacier white corian with glass sides does double duty as recliner and bathtub while you sit back and watch over your domain.

absico wash basin

2. Absiko Wash Basin – Price available upon request
Inspired by Sweden’s Abisko National Park, this sculptural sink sends water cascading down a water fall-like path into a custom-installed floor drain.


3. Vessel – Price available upon request
Evoking the carefree ease of a hammock in a bold way, the Vessel from Splinter Works is made of carbon fiber and is suspended from the wall with steel brackets. You’ll need a wet room with proper drainage for this one, but Vessel easily sits (carries?) two people, so you can share the ride.

Ouku Stainless Steel Rainfall Shower

4. Ouku Stainless Steel Rainfall Shower – $219
A rainfall drizzle adds a relaxing touch to any shower, and the guys at Ouku threw in LED mood lighting, because why the hell not?

 32 inch waterproof Bathroom LCD TV

532-inch Waterproof Bathroom LCD TV – $2,814.29

No, that’s not a mirror you’re looking at. That’s a waterproof TV, available in a range of sizes that can be powered up when you want and easily blend into the background when you don’t.

Silenzio Sink

6. Silenzio Sink – Price available upon request
From designer Antonio Lupi comes this sleek sink model that appears as if it’s expanding out of the wall, with optional backlighting. It’s the ultimate night light

Numi by Kohler

7. Numi by Kohler – $4,573.20
They don’t call it a throne for nothing. The Numi from Kohler is ushering in a new age of bathroom tech, with a full range of features you never knew you needed, like heated seat, motion activated opening and closing, and even the ability to play music via the accompanying control panel. You’ll never look back.

Lucio Infinity LED Bathroom Mirror

8. Lucio Infinity LED Bathroom Mirror – $353.70
Think of it like a grown-up fun house mirror. The LED bulbs give the illusion of a never-ending light tunnel, which, if nothing else, is sure to make your morning shave a little more interesting.

Dornbracht Horizontal Shower

9. Dornbracht Horizontal Shower – Price available upon request
When standing up to shower is simply too much effort, slip into something a little more comfortable, like this number from Dornbracht. The six “water bars” provide massaging properties, while a control panel offers automatic temperature adjustment and customizable water flow options. This very relaxed looking lady is regretfully not included with purchase.

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