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Stay Local NYC: The Renovators Solution For Temporary Housing

Temporary Housing for the Renovating Homeowner

Furnished Apartment

Furnished Apartment

Renovation of your townhouse or apartment begins soon and you can’t live there during the expected 6-8 months of construction work. Where do you go?

Property management company M & M Properties LLC created Stay Local NYC, a temporary housing provider in New York City, offering short term to long term furnished apartments. They are family owned and operated company that works with with a broad range of clientele from domestic, international, and corporate clients, designers, architects, to vacationers coming into the city.

We had an opportunity to interview Thomas Cooper, Director of Corporate Housing & Relocation, at M & M Properties.

What service does M & M Properties/Stay Local NYC provide?

Thomas Cooper: We provide a wide range of renovated furnished temporary housing options for a minimum 30 days, from luxury doorman buildings to walk up brownstones in the best neighborhoods in NYC.

Why do you think you are positioned to provide this service to homeowners?

Cooper: Seeing availability well in advance from current tenants, we are able to coordinate with builders & designers when helping their clients to temporarily relocate quickly and plan for a stress free experience.

Can you give us some background on M & M Properties?

Cooper: We have professionals that have been involved in property management and real estate for a collective 20 + years. We strive to provide quality & affordable furnished short term housing to clients in their time of need.


Furnished Apartments

View of one furnished apartment.

What motivated the start of M & M?

Cooper: M & M Properties has developed over the years to become connected with clients in the interim times when they need housing the most. Temporary housing in Manhattan is extremely expensive as with all things real estate, however- we are able to offer extraordinary spaces at very reasonable rates with a focus on our clients and their stay.

What inspired the creation of the company?

Cooper: We are directly inspired by the need for a human approach to real estate in general.

What certifications, licenses, or other qualifications does M & M hold?

Cooper: We are Real Estate investors, NY licensed brokers, Property Managers, REBNY, educated with various backgrounds ranging from property management/development, real estate and design.

What specific part of your business are you most passionate about?

Cooper: We are most passionate about providing an amazing experience and a quality product. From the application process to the experience in our apartments, we are dedicated to our clients having a seamless stay.

Apartments NYC

Furnished Apartments NYC

Do you have a favorite neighborhood in NYC?

Cooper: We love all of NYC. We manage over 50 properties in the best neighborhoods in the city.

Is there anything else you would like to share about yourself or your company?

Cooper: M & M Properties is a boutique, family owned & operated company located in Manhattan- not a large corporation. We specialize in affordable, short & long term furnished rental apartments, under the name of Stay Local NYC, in the best neighborhoods in the city: 1 bedrooms, 2 bedrooms at very affordable rates. We have flexible leasing options and welcome all who are undergoing renovations in their home.

M & M Properties takes pride in providing the best service to our clients as well as great building quality. We offer luxury doorman & elevators, to walk up brownstones. Whether our clients need one month, six months or longer, we provide a great option that will save time and money, especially if thinking of staying in expensive hotels etc.

For more information, contact Thomas Cooper at M&M Properties, (646) 682-7665

“Renovation is stressful enough. No need to fret over temporary housing, too.”

Their office is located at 45 East 34th Street, 5th Floor

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