The Hidden Costs Of A New York City Renovation

The Hidden Costs Of A New York City Renovation

The Hidden Costs Of A New York City Renovation 

An excerpt from a post that originally appeared on July 30, 2010


In real estate as in groceries, pretty much everything is more expensive in New York City.

So it’s no surprise that New York City renovations tend to cost a lot more than their suburban counterparts; everything from labor to insurance is more expensive.

What is surprising is how idiosyncratic prices can be: Bids are commonly adjusted according to a contractor’s assessment of everything from the parking situation on your block, to your property manager’s reputation for meddling, to whether your next-door neighbor is a stay-at-home board president.

“There is a basic list of less easily defined costs that contractors usually include in their bids under ‘General Conditions’ or ‘Profit and Overhead,’” says Manhattan architect David Katz. “These are simply costs associated with doing business in New York.”

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