A Q&A With Jan Rutgers of Metrie

A Q&A With Jan Rutgers of Metrie

A Q&A With Jan Rutgers of Metrie

Metrie™, the largest manufacturer and distributor of solid wood and composite architectural moldings in North America, began as a small, family-owned business in 1926. RenovatingNYC recently had a Q&A with Jan Rutgers, the Director Of Architect Designer Marketing about their new Then & Now Finishing Collections.

What influenced and inspired the new Then  & Now Collections?

The Then & Now Finishing Collections were influenced by the most popular North American design and décor styles. We developed our offering to compliment these design styles while still allowing consumers to get unique looks. We were inspired by how designers and homeowners liked to take products and make them their own. The five initial Collections, True Craft, Very Square, Pretty Simple, Fashion Forward and French Curves offer infinite possibilities. Since home design is following the lead of the fashion industry, Metrie is constantly looking at the design market and will introduce new collections as we see emerging trends. There seems to be a rise in the popularity of stained woods, so be on the lookout later this year to see what we will do with that!

Fashion Forward Metrie Architectural Molding

Fashion Forward, part of Metrie’s Then & Now Finishing Collection

Has the new collection been installed on any completed projects in New York City?

Metrie has orders for Then & Now Finishing Collection products from our retailers in New York City for upcoming projects. We hope to feature some of these finished projects as they are completed.

What do you recommend to homeowners when they are considering different styles of trim and molding for their home renovation?

Be true to your style and pick a design that helps you “Set the Stage” for the interior decorating of the space. If the room you envision is Transitional, choose trim that echoes this aesthetic. Metrie’s Fashion Forward Collection combines traditional and modern details within each of the trim pieces. By installing the coordinating baseboard, casing and crown moulding in the room, you will have the correct foundation. By adding details such as panel moulding and architraves your room will need minimal accessorizing to complete it.

The French Curves Collection Metrie Architectural Moldings

The French Curves Collection

Do you offer consulting services to homeowners or architects for selection of trim?

Metrie has developed a variety of tools to help homeowners and design pros with their trim selections. Our “Style Quiz” is a good starting point and is a fun way to discover what Then & Now Finishing Collection is right for the project. We also offer an Inspired Living section on our website with “Get Inspired” and “Create” sections for inspiration. A popular tool is our “Room Styler” which lets you experiment with different trim looks in a variety of room settings. Once the product selections have been made, design pros can download our CAD blocks for use in their design plans.

Do you have a sample program?

We have an Architect/Designer sampling program that not only represents all of our collections but houses them in easily storable containers. No more having a ring of mouldings on the floor under the design pro’s desk! Product samples are also available through our distribution centers and can be ordered through retails by homeowners.

Very Square Collection Metrie Architectural Moldings

The Very Square Collection

Where are Metrie products purchased?

Metrie products can be purchased through a variety of lumber retailers. On our website under the “Where to Buy” section, you can enter your zip code and identify all of the retailers in your area.

What is unique about Metrie?

The unique aspect of the Then & Now Finishing Collections is that Metrie is the first national manufacturer to combine architectural mouldings and interior doors into coordinated design collections. Our offerings are perfectly proportioned and dimensioned to pro-designer standards for the correct fit and reveal every time. We have also made the process very easy:
1. Choose the Finishing Collection that fits your design aesthetic
2. Choose the Scene that works with your budget and room proportions
3. Choose paint or stain treatment that makes the finished product uniquely you!

True Craft Metrie Architectural Molding

The True Craft Collection

What specific part of your business are you most passionate about?

Mouldings and interior doors are the foundational products that make any room more beautiful and stylish. It has traditionally been very confusing and difficult to work with and purchase these products to get these looks. You needed a lot of experience and time to bring all of the elements together to get the look you were after. Not anymore!

Metrie, the largest moulding manufacture and distributor in North America, has developed an entire new way for consumers and professional designers to pull together fantastic designs that make ordinary rooms extraordinary. Our Then & Now Finishing Collections are perfectly proportioned and professionally designed to include coordinated elements of interior trim and doors that you select by design. Each Collection contains a series of coordinating moulding profiles called Scenes and complementary doors. The Scenes range in wood species, size, design and budget to allow flexibility in creating a unique space with in a particular Collection style. The doors come pre-hung or as slabs in solid, clear glass and textured glass complementing the moulding Scenes.

The Then & Now Finishing Collections solve a critical design problem within our industry- taking the guesswork out of selecting Interior Finishings.

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Pretty Simple Collection Metrie Architectural Molding

The Pretty Simple Collection