Bank Street West Village Townhouse BW Architect Koonam Interior Design

West Village Townhouse by BW Architects

The West Village Townhouse by Basil Walter at BW Architects is a gorgeous example of combining the traditional and modern. The renovation, completed in 2012, is made perfect with the interior design choices made by Poonam Khanna (now with his own firm, Unionworks. It’s been over 3 years and I wonder how it looks now that it’s been lived in.

That rooftop loft space is probably my favorite, but the eclectic furnishings and disco ball in the bathroom are just right.


House and Garden UK recently featured the renovation, with their own take:

“Situated on a leafy street in Manhattan’s West Village, Jos and Annabel White’s six-storey town house has been extended, gutted and completely renovated to create open-plan interiors tailored for family living.

The resulting house is an enchanting mix: of grand and practical; open plan and intimate; English and American; playful whimsy – a mirrored disco ball in the main bathroom and a stuffed peacock in the main bedroom – bright colours and relaxed neutrals.

The entrance hall sets the tone with its custom-made wallpaper by London artist Marcus James. Rabbits, deer, horses and other English wildlife race over the top of ‘STOP’ signs, bridges, West Village cafes and other Manhattan imagery. From this small compressed space, guests step straight into an opulent 12-metre-long living area, with its Christopher Howe sofas, huge tapestries by contemporary artists Kara Walker and Julie Verhoeven, and a wall of modern windows opening on to the terrace overlooking the garden.

Being a landmarked building, the 1840s façade had to look identical to the others on the street. But elsewhere there was room for improvement. Floors were put back at slightly different heights and at the back of the house two new terraces were added, along with large modern windows with muntin bars to echo the original windows and bring in extra light. Inside, Basil removed the old zigzag staircase and created a sculptural oval stair that acts as a light well, channelling light down from the rooftop home office.”

From the architect:

Located in historic Greenwich Village, this extensive reconstruction of a 1840s townhouse fuses past and present into a new, sophisticated 4,000 square foot home. The project is also the first townhouse to earn a LEED for Homes Gold rating in downtown Manhattan.

Striking a balance between historic and modern guides all aspects of design in this reinvigorated Greek Revival townhouse. Steel and glass windows line the basement and parlor floors’ South facades, drawing in natural light and air from the garden. Daylight is also funneled through the home via a skylight-topped 4- story open staircase. Industrial details of structural steel and an exposed manually-geared hardware operate a pivoting glass and steel Penthouse wall.

Interiors by Poonam Khanna for BWArchitects.

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