East Village Apartment Renovation by Olson Kundig

East Village Apartment Renovation by Olson Kundig

Olson Kundig did such a great job making this East Village apartment into a loft-like home with an industrial aesthetic.  The exposed steel columns and oversized glass doors and windows look amazing. Also, don’t miss the razor edge steel bookcases the living area.

In addition to the larger scale architecture produced by Olson Kundig and covered in a well-received monograph, their productive office still make the time to complete interior renovation work that most architects of their stature would typically avoid. Be sure to check out the extent of their portfolio on their website or monograph.



“This renovation of a classic New York City apartment transforms the space from a traditional pre-war, partitioned layout into a simplified plan while reclaiming some of the building’s original industrial character. Features of the apartment uncovered during demolition, including two cast iron riveted columns and original masonry walls, were incorporated into the design.

Several strategies were used to open up the space. Ceilings were raised to the underside of the concrete slab. Windows were enlarged and interior walls removed to allow light to penetrate deep into the apartment.

A simple material palette—white ceiling and sheetrock walls, black steel, reclaimed oak floors, and exposed masonry—provide a contemporary backdrop for the owner’s furnishings and collections.”

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Olson Kundig is a full-service design firm whose work includes residences (often for art collectors), museums and exhibition design, hospitality projects, commercial design, academic buildings, interior design, visual identities, and places of worship.

The firm is led by five owners—Jim Olson, Tom Kundig, Kirsten R. Murray, Alan Maskin, and Kevin Kudo-King—who are supported by three principals, twenty one associates, and a staff of approximately 100 in the historic Pioneer Square neighborhood of downtown Seattle. The firm opened a workspace in New York in 2014 to better serve its expanding roster of East Coast and international clients. The in-house interiors studio, founded in 2000, provides a full range of services, including material selection, custom furniture design, and purchasing capabilities.

The firm began its creative existence in 1966 with the architect Jim Olson, whose work at that time centered on explorations of the relationship between dwellings and the landscapes in which they inhabit. Olson started the firm based on the essential ideas that buildings can serve as a bridge between nature, culture, histories, and people, and that inspiring surroundings have a positive effect on people’s lives.

Over the five decades of its existence, the firm has grown and broadened its expertise far beyond the residences for which it is still best known. It consciously devotes a consistent energy and enthusiasm to every project, no matter whether the task at hand is a cabin in the woods or a high-rise in Seoul. Every finished project manifests a “macro to micro” level of attention, from the big ideas to the smallest details, giving coherence to the entire experience of the built site.

The geographical scope of the work has grown to cover five continents, in locations ranging from the rural landscapes of Montana and Idaho to intensively urban contexts in Manhattan and Mumbai. But no matter the situation, the same philosophies—for instance a careful consideration of the environment, attunement to local materials and culture, and seeking out the expertise and contributions of craftspeople, artists, and other outside experts—continue to apply to each new undertaking.


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