Lorimer Street Townhouse by Ensemble Architecture

Lorimer Street Townhouse by Ensemble Architecture

Urban Minimalist Townhouse

This “urban minimalist” townhouse on Lorimer Street was gutted and renovated by landmark and loft conversion specialist Elizabeth Roberts and her firm, Ensemble Architecture DPC.  The juxtaposition of the crisp walls and exposed structure along with integrity of materials combine to deliver gorgeous results. I’m especially fond of the simple steel tube stringer and low profile railing detail of the staircase. The spaces have a proper density of furniture that neither feel too sterile or too cluttered.

Project Description: “The Lorimer Street Townhouse is a three-story, twenty-five foot wide, two-family house located in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Every wall, ceiling, stair, floor and window of the house was replaced in the extensive renovation. The result is an open, loft-like home for a family of four. A custom, steel and solid wood tread stair divides the Parlor Level into a Living Room side at the street front and a Dining and Kitchen side at the rear of the building with garden access through 3 new, patio doors. Existing wood joists were exposed on the Parlor Level with insulation added to the underside of the floors above. Reclaimed floors compliment the existing joists and add to the rustic feel of this urban home.”

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Expertly juxtaposing contemporary tastes with traditional design elements, Elizabeth Roberts has been shaping built environments in New York City for the past twenty years, establishing her own firm in 1998 after studying architecture at U.C. Berkeley and historic preservation at Columbia University. Located in the heart of Brownstone Brooklyn, her studio brings the sought-after sensibility of its home borough to every project: a healthy regard for history overlaid with a clean and lively newness. Founded with the desire to engage one-on-one with a likeminded clientele, the studio has grown into a tight-knit studio family of eight architectural staff and five interior designers who distill the wants and needs of every client into a refined personal aesthetic.

Though Roberts specializes in crafting residential environments and in assembling a range of thoughtful interiors, the studio also enjoys an ever-expanding roster of distinctive commercial projects with an appreciation for public spaces that resonate with the studio’s understated practice. Roberts believes that one of the most important activities in any successful project is listening closely to her clients, many of whom are leaders in fashion, film, galleries, and music. As celebrated figures in their own creative industries, these clients come to the studio with a polished set of interests that, through engaged conversation and timely collaboration, inspire the final look and feel of every project.

Equally comfortable and qualified to work on converting lofts or landmarked buildings, and often combining the two, Elizabeth characterizes her designs as “showcasing” the elements in a space that make it unique, drilling down to the essentials “to allow enough ‘quiet’ around an object for it to be seen.” The studio is acclaimed for this carefully honed aesthetic, bringing a welcome warmth to urban minimalism.


168 7th St 3C
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