Mid Century Modern Furniture using crowdsourced transport

Crowdsourced Transport For That Great Find

Crowdsourced Transport For That Great Find

An interview with Roadie founder Marc Gorlin

May 13, 2016 | by RJ Díaz

So, you’ve found that perfect mid-century or antique piece on Craigslist or Ebay, but you’re in New York City and you need to get it from…Pittsburgh.  It’s not quite worth the cost to have it packed and shipped and so you decide against it. Could crowdsourced transport be your answer?

Enter Marc Gorlin and his solution to your problem, Roadie, a crowdsourced delivery service using a network of drivers headed in your direction. The drivers earn cash while transporting items that are “out of the box” or too expensive to ship using UPS or FedEx. In fact, UPS seems to agree this is a great alternative and has invested in Roadie themselves.

We interviewed Marc Gorlin about his new venture and got some more details about its benefits.

  1. Why did you start Roadie?

The idea for Roadie came out of a problem I had on a renovation where I needed some tile transported quickly. While realizing it would take a couple days to get it, I thought it likely that there were probably regular folks in their cars heading in my direction that very day from the location of the tile. From there, the idea, and community of spirit of Roadie, was born. 

Today, we are proud of the growing group of neighbors we have built coast to coast.  Roadie is a community of people that are going somewhere all the time, and almost always willing to help someone else if they can. Sending your out-of- the-box items isn’t always easy, but with Roadie it is – and cheaper than traditional shipping services.  And as a Roadie driver, the chance to earn extra cash on trips you are already taking just makes being part of the Roadie family that much better.

  1. What is your vision for the future of the company? Is the intention to compete with UPS and FedEx as a crowdsourced delivery program?

We think there is room for everybody and not all things you need to send are the same.  UPS seems to feel this way too as they are an investor in Roadie. We will continue to build out the Roadie community to make faster, easier delivery over hundreds of miles a reality.  We want it to be as easy and convenient to get big, bulky, hard-to-handle stuff delivered hundreds of miles as it is to get a sandwich delivered down the street.  

  1. What’s the average delivery size?

Roadie ships anything from keys, to cupcakes to couches, either across town or across the country. We even deliver pets. 

  1. What locations have become early adopters of the app & service?

We definitely have areas where there is more density of drivers but honestly, things are getting delivered all over the country.  Just last week, we had this super cool and beautiful retro high boy (picture below) make its way from a sender in New Hampshire over 2,000 miles away to Great Falls, Montana.  Early adopters are strong in urban areas like New York, Atlanta, Dallas and LA, to name a few.  Since Roadie rewards drivers for trips they were already making, senders get their furniture, sporting equipment, boxes, you name it, hand-delivered faster. 

EDITOR’S NOTE: Right now, you can have your spring cleaning donations delivered to a local charity for FREE! Go to www.Roadie.com and use the code SPRING20

A High Boy transported using Roadie crowdsourced transport network

A high boy antique sale find delivered using Roadie’s crowdsourced delivery network.