Renovating NYC provides construction management solutions for architects, designers and homeowners planning a New York City renovation project. Email us at for a free consultation and proposal based on your specific project needs.


Pre-Construction Services

Pre-construction planning is essential to the success of any renovation. This phase includes establishing a budget, defining the complete scope of work, determining the project schedule, and providing accurate budget estimates during the design process. As an independent service provider, we are able to make recommendations to get the most value for every dollar in your budget. We also provide logistical support to ensure that fixtures, equipment, and other materials are ordered and delivered on time for use and installation. We can also assist in the selection of the right resources and specialty contractors to complete the work. As your advocate, we ensure that the proper groundwork has been laid for a successful renovation.

  1. Renovation Planning – Give us the details about your project and we will put together a thorough project outline to minimize stress and understand what you should expect in terms of cost, quality, and schedule. We will work with the team you have already put together or help assemble a team that will best suit your project based on your budget, quality and schedule requirements.
  2. Broker Services & Pre-Purchase Planning – Prior to the purchase of any property, Renovating NYC can help determine the cost and time required to make repairs or renovations to suit the buyer’s needs and assist in negotiations for a purchase or lease.
  3. Cost Evaluation – Provide us with the plans and specifications for your project and we will provide you with a thorough cost evaluation, including all soft costs such as insurance, supervision, and permits.
  4. Specifications – Provide us with the your renovation program and any information you have and we will provide you with a complete set of specifications that will eliminate any doubt in the quality and standards of the finished renovation you have in mind.
  5. Field Inspections & Reporting – As a third party and independent resource, we will perform periodic field inspections and provide you with a report on progress, quality, and any issues that need to be addressed by the project team.
  6. Specialty Projects and Installations – We will assemble the right team of professionals and craftsmen to complete your specialty project or installation. From custom millwork to home automation systems, we know the right resources to complete your project.
  7. Maintenance Programs – We develop and execute maintenance programs that will protect your investment and eliminate the need for costly repairs in the future. We understand high end finishes as well as essential building components such as waterproofing, plumbing and electrical systems.

As your on-demand project manager, Renovating NYC will oversee the construction process to maintain budget, quality and schedule requirements. Typically, the scope of work changes during this phase due to existing conditions, availability of materials and equipment, or adjustments to the design. We can assist in reviewing the cost and schedule due to these changes and advise on the appropriate steps to minimize delays. We perform quality control inspections with a commitment to high standards of work. We respond to the constant changes in dynamics on a project and provide creative problem solving solutions to minimize delays and cost overruns.



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  1. Annie
    Annie at · Reply

    Where can I get recommendations for someone to do a small renovation project on an upper west side co-op?

    1. RJ Diaz
      RJ Diaz at · Reply


      Thank you for your question. We’d love to share our recommendations with you. Just drop us a line at

    2. RJ Diaz
      RJ Diaz at · Reply

      Annie, drop us a line at and we’ll be happy to share our recommendations!

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